Hola! We are Adri and Dani, two Mexican full time moms that left our country a long time ago to follow our husbands’ careers in order to seek better opportunities for our families. When we moved to the US, we had to put our professional lives on hold, because of our visa status (we weren't allowed to work) and then because of motherhood.

As soon as we got our greencard we started working on things we really enjoyed, Adri started baking and selling  the best cakes in the world (@dreamcakeshop) and then transitioned into the fashion industry and Dani used to work in sales and business development for a couple of tech startups in Seattle, the place we both met. Then destiny took us by surprise and set us apart, Dani moved to Boston and Adri to the Bay area (literally from coast to coast), where we had to start a new life all over again. 

If you believe in synchronicity, keep reading. Even though we were living very far away, our friendship remained stronger than ever. A month after Dani had her second baby, (Nov 2020), Adri called her to see how she was feeling and mention her plans of selling gourmet spicy dried fruit snacks in the US, something we both LOVE, as we used to eat them back in Mexico and in the US it's almost impossible to find good ones. Dani mentioned she was planning something similar, but with different kinds of spicy treats.

Suddenly it hit us, Adri immediately said, let's join forces and build a strong, cool brand, as a team. We both started laughing and Dani said: OMG, I already see this being HUGE, LET'S DO IT! 

So here we are, putting all our heart, mind and soul into this amazing journey to bring you the best spicy munchies in town. They are so good you won't be able to stop.

Thanks for your support and believing in us and our products. Remember they taste better if you share!

With Love, Adri & Dani